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· Belleplates® are accurately tuned.
· May be played along with handbells or Choirchimes®.
· Beautiful resonating tone.
· Lightweight and may be used successfully by all ages. Easy for elementary school students as
well as senior citizens.
· Color coded...the diatonic Belleplates® have white handles and the chromatic Belleplates®
have black handles.
· need for gloves or individual adjustments.
· Economically priced...only a fraction of the cost of handbells.
Twelve Note Diatonic Range (C5-G6) with Case
Great beginning set.
BP12 $368.00
Two Octave 25 Note Chromatic Range (G4-G6) with Case
BP25 $542.00
Third Octave Add-on 12 Note Set (C4-F#4 & G#6-C7) with Case
BP26 $443.00
Three Octave Belleplates® Set (C4-C7) with Cases
BP27 $985.00
RBI invites you to experience the
sound of Belleplates
Top quality con struc tion and correct intonation
make these bells the best value available.
Each of the metal bells has note names
and numbers clearly marked.
The handles on the handbells are 5" tall
enabling players to grasp the bells securely.
Two Octave Black & White
Chromatic Handbell Set
This set features the same KidsPlay® quality and note range as the RB118XX set,
but in black and white to simulate the piano keyboard. Two complete chro-
matic octaves from G to G. RB125 $140.00
Single Ring Melody Bells
Designed to be played like traditional handbells, the large clapper is directional
to allow for a loud, single strike. Each note has a plastic rest that allows the bell
to be laid on the table without touching metal to the surface. These Single Ring
Melody Handbells are the perfect first step for youth to experience bell ringing
before being introduced to the adult bell choir. Steel bell with attractive brass
color finish. Available in diatonic and chromatic sets.
8-note diatonic set
C-c diatonic range. RB105 $55.00
5-note chromatic add-on
C#, D#, F#, G#, and A# (for those who already own
8-note diatonic handbells sets). RB105C $36.00
Complete C-c 13-note chromatic set
RB115 $82.00
Expanded range handbells add-on
Includes Low A, A#, B & high C#, D, D#, and
E (for those who already own 13-note handbells sets). RB105EX $52.00
Complete 20-note chromatic set
Includes Low A ­ high E. RB115EX $126.40
5-note handbell super expansion
Includes Low G, G#, and high F, F#, G (for
those who already own 20-note handbell sets). RB105XX $52.00
25-note chromatic handbells
Includes Low G to high G. RB115XX $152.00